GeneCalc is a visual analysis framework for interactive genome-wide exploration and analysis of sequencing data. It provides an integrated environment for analysis of sequencing data such as ChIP-seq and RNA-seq, and supports the IGV genome browser.
Interactive data views including spreadsheets, histogram plots, scatter plots and Venn diagrams are dynamically linked through brushing operations. Users can interact with the plots to navigate the genomics viewer to the corresponding genomic locations. An interface with the R environment facilitates employing existing R libraries to extend the computational and visualization capabilities of the framework.


Data manipulation:

Creating data tables (left) and processing sequencing datainto data columns (right).

Computations on data columns:

Using the calculator interface (left) or R interface (right).

Visual analysis:

Plots dynamically linked through brushing operations.

Genome browser integration:

- Data in genome browser can be processed to data tables.
- Clicking data points in plots navigates genome browser.